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Ahi Spa in Khar West has kept on its dedication to providing the utmost, extra-ordinary experience.

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With Ahi Spa, you get everything you want in a spa – comfort, health, family fun and health and fitness

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Each one of our staff members are
licensed massage therapists who have
gone above and beyond in training.

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Balinese Massage
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what people say about us

Ahi Spa is a unisex spa at Khar. I truly needed to go for a Spa treatment and got an astonishing rebate through Groupon for this back rub focus. Along these lines, I booked two arrangements - one for my closest companion and the other one for me, obviously. Despite the fact that being a Unisex salon, you won't feel any kind of distress over yonder. It is a circumspect place and has exceptionally proficient individuals. The staff will dependably grin notwithstanding when you look at them for an occurrence, and it doesn't look fake. They are additionally exceptionally well talked with a delicate pitch, which rings like alleviating music to the eardrums. My companion and I felt extremely invited when we ventured into the salon.

pratikgo , Mumbai

Ahi Spa is a unisex spa at Khar. I really wanted to go for a Spa treatment and got an amazing discount through Groupon for this massage centre.So, I booked two appointments - one for my best friend and the other one for me, of course.

Sanakhan, Mumbai, India

They have mastered the art of providing an excellent service. I cannot think about one thing they should change. The staff is lovely, helpful and efficient.

YelaniF, New Orleans, Louisiana
Special Package Pricing

One Of the Best Spa in Khar and Bandra

Rs 2800 / 3500
Balinese Massage

60 – 90 Minute Sessions: A nerve-calming therapy, this treatment use all the seven variations of massage techniques with the oils of your choice, to suit the individual needs of your skin.

Rs 3000 / 4000
Deep Tissue Massage

60 – 90 Minute Sessions: Arms and elbow are used to massage the body with warm oils. The Treatment is aimed at soothing your aching and tired muscles.

Rs 2400 / 34000
Swedish Massage

60 – 90 Minute Sessions: Long Effleurage Movements that will de-stress your body and leave your feeling calm and rejuvenated

Rs 1700
Aloe Body Up-lift Massage

40 Minute Sessions: This cell regeneration massage works at tightening your skin and reduce stretch marks using an aloe Activator,in turn leaving your skin replenished and radiantly flawless.

Rs 5000
Couple Massage

60 Minute Sessions: A Therapeutic Massage that Uses a Unique blend of essential Oils to transport you to state a extreme relaxtation. Apart from the uplifting effect,the massage will also help clear up your sinuses

Rs 1500
Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Massage

40 Minute Sessions: Suited for women that are in the trimester of pregnancy or three week post child birth,this treatment lays emphasis on a nourishing aloe gel massage that focuses on the neck, arm , feet.

Rs 1500
De-Stress Body Wrap

60 Minutes Sessions: Gentle light Massage de-stressing see weed which help in detoxifying.

Rs 5500

120 Minutes Sessions: A Signature Massage, Body Polish & Body Scrub

Rs 1500
Body Polish

60 Minutes Sessions: Gentle massage with choice of scrub which will open skin pores and will refresh you with a glowing skin.

Rs 2000
De-stress Body Wrap

30 Minutes Sessions. Gentle light massage de-stressing see weed wrap which help in detoxifying.

Rs 6500

3 Hrs Sessions: A Signature Massage , Facial, body Scrub & Wrap.

Rs 4000

90 Minute Sessions: A Signature Massage, Facials

Rs 2500
Aloe Radiance Facial

45 Minute Sessions: This facial utilizes an aloe activator to replenish your skin and regenerate your cell,leaving you with a fresh and radiant Appearance

Rs 1800

40 Minute Sessions. The Clean-up Process is an intensive skin care treatment that will reduce the havoc that pollution wreak on your skin, remove cellular debris and soothe your senses in order to relive you from any fatigue you may be experiencing.

Rs 2800
Pearl Facial

40 Minute Sessions: The skin-brightning facial will give the perfect sheen by working on your epidermis cell and regulating melanin formation.

Rs 4000
Ahi Signature

90 Minute Sessions: A combination of the Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage,the treatment realise on stretches instead of oils. Ideal for men,the Shiatsu is well known as an awaking therapy.

Rs 2600 / 3400
Aroma Theropy

60-90 Minute Sessions. A Therapeutic Massage that Uses a Unique blend of essential Oils to transport you to state a extreme relaxtation. Apart from the uplifting effect,the massage will also help clear up your sinuses

Rs 2500
flower of Youth Facials

45 Minute Sessions: A Non-surgical & Natural Face lift,this treatment involves through Cleansing ,toning & deep moisturising to eliminate dead skin cells and make way for a younger,vibrant & more luminous appearance of the skin.

Rs 2200
Deep Moisturising Facial

60 Minute Session : A five-step Process – Purifying ,Exfoliating, refreshing, nourishing, moisturising – that your skin to the luxury it deserves.

Aloe Deep Cleansing Facial with Marine Mask

45 Minute Sessions: The treatment is aimed at eliminating skin impurities and dead cells. cleansing your pores & Conditioning your skin by working in depth on the different layers of your skin.

Rs 2200
Fruit Facials

40 Minute Session: Maintain Healthy skin and tone your facial muscles by giving your skin the fruit vitamins it needs to remain supple and fresh.

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